Tuesday, 31 August 2010

The day I worked at LCF...

So today I started my job at London College of Fashion. I will be working there for a few weeks before I start my new course at Roehampton. Everything seems a little bit hectic right now but hopefully it will all sort itself out. I had my friend Pete over tonight and we have some wine and talked a bit which was lovely. I really need some sleep at the moment as I am going to have a really busy week. I created this secret by using some stickers - I hope you like this one. I have been given a few blog awards lately and I am really looking forward to posting them. Thank you to all my fellow bloggers who enjoy each post, it is so nice to know that you like what I'm doing. How is your week going so far? Enjoy!


  1. I was hoping that those other letters would spell Michelle McManus. Have to say, I'm a little dissapointed x

  2. Lovely as always - hope you're enjoying your work!

  3. lovely :)

    hang in there and have fun! :D



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