Friday, 13 August 2010

The day I couldn't sleep...

I really can't sleep. I have to get up early tomorrow but I really can't stop my mind from whirring. I love how the colours in this secret confuse your eyes into looking for a pattern. I found these little flower sequins a few weeks ago when I was walking round a supermarket. I think they are intended for table decoration but I love having something new to add to my never ending collection of craft stuff. This secret is quite a hard one for me to think about and particularly hard for me to post on here. I'm not quite ready to explain the feelings behind it but hopefully I will be at some point - I don't have to share everything, right? Part of me hopes this isn't one you can relate to because it isn't nice...then again it is always nice to find out that others share your secrets. Enjoy!


  1. I cant sleep either my heads going through a similar thing and unfortunately your secret has a lot of meaning for me and my evening, but that's life :)

    I really like the pattern you've made :)

  2. awww this is so sad.



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