Tuesday, 24 August 2010

The day of the final...

Here is my newest secret, I hope you like it. Now that I am no longer sticking my secrets in sketchbooks I can have double sided secrets. This may not sound that exciting but after a year of making a secret every day the little changes seem like a big deal. Anyway so this secret was created by using some beautiful 3D flowers given to my ages ago by my friend Anna. They don't show up very well in my scanner unfortunately, but trust me they are lovely. The second image is the back of this secret with my message. Today is the Big Brother finale and I could not be more excited about it - last BB ever. If you are watching it then let me know who you want to win. Enjoy!


  1. Loving the double-sided secrets! I can just imagine how beautiful the flowers are in person! Thanks for the follow! :) I mentioned you in my last post, hope it's alright.

  2. This is so lovely. The flowers remind me of a pair of earrings that I've saved from when I was a little girl. They're porcelain pink flowers, with individual petals set in a gold square. Its so exciting that you've found an innovative change for your secrets.


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