Sunday, 1 August 2010

The day I looked...

This secret is fromy April, do you remember this one? I was inspired to make this secret by something that I made ages ago as part of my A Level art coursework. I created a textile book filled with flowers which I embroidered myself - this is the title page:

This AI is an expression of that feeling you have when you have just had enough. Enough of other people's behaviour (or your own), of bad luck or just enough of feeling miserable. I made a decision when I created this secret to stop letting bad people upset me and to start making changes in my life. If you have been following my blog lately you will know that I made the decision to leave university. I think the stress and pressure I put myself under was actually making me physically unwell and I hadn't felt happy for almost a year by the time I left (that was probably reflected in my secrets). Now I have left I have spent some time figuring out what I want and have been accepted onto a new degree course to do primary education. I am really excited about it and I've never felt so optimistic about the future. This secret, for me, respresents the end of all that unhappiness and that is a beautiful thing. Enjoy!


  1. yay congrats on getting onto a primary education course! :) It must feel good.

    It's a good feeling chose to be happy in life enjoy =)


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