Wednesday, 4 August 2010

The day it finished...

This is the final of my favourite secrets from each month I have been blogging. This is one of the last secrets I created and it is probably one of my all time favourites. I think when you are really sad or in a desperate situation you wish there was someone who could come and take you away from it all - I suppose some sort of white knight. In real life that doesn't really happen, you can't always rely on other people to come and help you and often when you do you end up disappointed (I know my life is certainly more Erin Brokovich then Pretty Woman). When it comes down to it we all have to look after ourselves. I saved myself and I'd much rather have it that way than have someone save me. Enjoy!


  1. Such a good message. :) And a very gorgeous secret. I really love the design!

  2. I totally agree. :)


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