Saturday, 7 August 2010

The day I organised...

I am going to start blogging my own secrets soon but before I do that I thought you might like to see a guest secret that I was given a very long time ago. I never uploaded this secret - maybe because I was busy or maybe because I was having a tough time and this secret made it all too real. A very kind friend anonymously posted this to me and it really did make me feel better. When you are upset and unhappy just the smallest gesture from another person can brighten your day. I find that often with this blog, the lovely comments I receive each day make me feel better about sharing a difficult secret. Enjoy!

(click on this secret to enlarge it)


  1. These past few days I've been struggling and feeling very very down and just the little messages from my friends have brought me back up it's nice to know there are people there for you :)

  2. awwwwwww thats a sweet thing.

    and yeah thats why i blog too...

    i find people who would give a crap on what i say and would actually care (or atleast pretend too. lol) but even the kindest gestures of strangers... right? :) even it doesnt mean a lot to them.

    and gaining new friends (regular commenters) is a benefit too :)


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