Tuesday, 10 August 2010

The day I lost it...

This is my first secret since finishing my one year project and truth be told I am a bit nervous about it. I don't know if it is because I won't be keeping this secret or if I am worried about ruining something that seems to fit so perfectly already. I have already decided that the secrets I make from now on I will be sending to friends/ leaving in random public places/ giving away to readers or maybe even sending to postsecret. Somehow it doesn't seem right to keep the new ones, I have achieved my goal of a year of secrets and have them carefully contained within several books. Obviously if you see a secret you particularly like and want to claim it then just let me know - I will happily send it to you. This AI was created by using a postcard of a Rothko painting, if you are not familiar with the artist go and have a look online because the paintings are beautiful (better still see if you can find a gallery displaying any). I hope you are having a good week and thank you to everyone for all the kind comments recently...you are all such nice people and you make blogging an absolute pleasure. Enjoy!

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  1. hmmmm you lost me there.... what do you mean giving it away? :)


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