Friday, 27 August 2010

The day I returned...

How are all of you? Thanks for the lovely comments while I was away. This is my latest secret, I created it by cutting these berries out from some old Christmas wrapping paper - I love how it looks like the whirly DNA thing (I'm no scientist, okay?). My time spent in Winchester was really fun, despite having a bit of a disastrous night out. I am glad to be home and I still have a few days before I start working at LCF so hopefully a bit of downtime for me. What are you up to? Enjoy!


  1. Haha I do apologise for the disaster that was last night =( I'm sure next time you come up will be better xx

  2. You were HI-frickin-larious my friend, don't worry x

  3. love the quote on that secret :)

    i have made the right choice. i should keep saying that to myself :)


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