Sunday, 8 August 2010

The day I made a list...

This is my favourite postsecret from the week - go and check them out at This secret immediately spoke to me because I love talking to old people. I will often engage strangers in conversation and usually it will be someone old - partly because they aren't threatening and partly because they always have such interesting stories to tell. I volunteer in a charity shop every week and what makes the job so fantastic is that you get to talk to some of the most interesting people. I hear fascinating stories and anecdotes about life. I have also been looking for a retirement home to help out at but so far my search has proved fruitless. I hope something does come up because this secret expresses a desire I have held for a long time. Enjoy!


  1. old people have different perspective and for most of them, they have become so wise because of their experiences.

    sometimes talking to old people opens me to a lot of possibilities, because of their simple opinions. hehe

  2. I love this one, its so true. I always feel that I'm trying to atone for stuff that the rest of my generation has done - maybe in an attempt to avoid dealing with the stuff which is actually my fault.


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