Friday, 3 September 2010

The day I saw Florence...

I hope you have all had an enjoyable week, I have been working and tomorrow will be no different as I am doing my shift at the charity shop. I was given a couple of blogger awards this week which is really exciting and such a massive compliment. I am not brilliant at doing these but I thought I would give them a go, so here we are:

Breee from tagged me in her 'this or that' post. It gives you a little bit of a chance to find out some more information about me as I choose between this or that (as the award tag suggests) I hope you enjoy it:

blusher/bronzer - bronzer
lip gloss/lip stick - lip stick
eyeliner/mascara - mascara (I own 15)
foundation/concealer - foundation (mine smells of fruit)

perfume/body splash - perfume (Kate Moss)
lotion/body butter - body butter
body wash/ soap - neither

dresses/skirts - both, all of the time (I don't wear jeans or trousers)
stripes/plaid - neither, I like florals
scarves/hats - hats, of the pork pie variety
heels/flats - flats

curly/straight - both
long/short - long
light/dark - I have been both and I can categorically say that brunettes have more fun
up/down - down

rain/shine - rain (I hate summer)
summer/winter - winter
autumn/spring - autumn

Thanks for Breee for the tag, and go and check out her blog because it is really lovely. The second award I have been given is from Hotcakes at She writes a lovely blog about coping with her long distance relationship, I so admire her for trying to make it work through a difficult situation.

As part of the award I have to sum up my blogging philosophy on five words, so here goes:

Creativity Fun Sensitivity Catharsis Friends Honesty (oops, that is six)

Usually these posts are passed onto a certain number of fellow bloggers, but I would like to pass it onto any of my readers who would like to participate - enjoy!


  1. super fun to read! :D

  2. I'm just glad you have finally embraced the fact that brunette > blonde...


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