Sunday, 19 September 2010

The day there were technical difficulties...

I have been trying to use blogspot all morning and it wouldn't work. Oh well, success this time. Here is my favourite postsecret from the collection today. Working with children quite a bit of the time always makes me think about how I would raise my own family. I think people often believe they will shy away from the techniques that their parents followed, and I suppose this is a good idea in some. My parents are by no means perfect, there are certainly parenting techniques I would not want to replicate with my own children. However, on the whole I think the way I have been brought up has really shaped who I am and how I lead my life. Teaching your children good values and morals is such an important part of parenthood and something I vow to do with my own children someday. Do you feel as strongly about it as I do? My own secret to follow, enjoy!

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  1. The thing that scares me most about one day being a father is that I might be like my own.


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