Sunday, 19 September 2010

The day Rachel moved out...

For the last couple of years I have felt as though I was moving backwards. Things didn't quite seem right and the ultimate goal was getting further and further away. Especially when I left University I really felt as though I didn't know what I was doing with my life. I am so thankful to be in a place now where my life is on track - I know what I want and I am on the right path to achieving it. I still have moments where I doubt myself, and I can't 100% know this is the right thing...but it feels right at the moment and I guess that is all you can hope for in life. Sorry for being so rubbish with responding to comments recently, I promise you that I will catch up with all of you when I have some time. Enjoy!


  1. Nice post but I think the arrow should point up a bit more...down can't be the right direction surely?

  2. The direction of the arrow is symbolic of something which I decided not to disclose to my readers - I wonder if anyone has figured it out? I can see that it might seem a little confusing though!

    A x


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