Wednesday, 15 September 2010

The day I read it...

I am having a day to sort things out before I go back to work and enrol at my new university next week. Things are so crazy at the moment that I haven't really had a moment to myself. Anyway this afternoon I am going to dye my hair and organise all the things I need to get done while I have a small amount of time. How has your week been so far? enjoy!


  1. Wow sounds like things are crazy busy for you! Good luck with everything. :)

  2. hey amelia!!!

    i've been quite busy... well.. my family is here they're here only for 2 weeks so you know... i have a life, than just blog hopping :)

    hahaha but i never fail to check out your secrets!!! have a good week!!!! :) xoxo!


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