Sunday, 31 January 2010

The day we discussed...

This is my chosen postsecret from the selection this week - go and check them out at There is a really cute video of a couple getting engaged at a postsecret event, so romantic. I think life is made up of loads of tiny little decisions that shape the path you end up following. There are so many moments in my life where I was faced with two choices and I followed the wrong path. I don't regret these moments, they make you stronger, they shape the person you become. I do, however, feel ashamed when I look back and realise what I would have been able to do for someone else had I chosen the right path. I guess you just have to learn from these experiences and hope that in the future you make the right choice. Which secret was your favourite? Enjoy!


  1. I like how often our favourite postsecrets match - this was mine too! Hope you had a nice weekend... :)

  2. I love this secret - and your thoughts on it, so very true! There are very few times that I think I have made the wrong decision, and those times that I did were catastrophic but I think that all the things I have failed to do are worse.


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