Tuesday, 26 January 2010

The day it worked...

This is my secret for Wednesday. I will hopefully be super busy all day with work and other equally important but more exciting things...or just work. Bleurgh, I will have to wear something pretty to cheer myself up - or buy something pretty (an even better idea). I created this secret by using some letters cut out from a very wordy advert, a black pen and a steady hand. Hope you have a better day than I do - oh and remember, if you want to make a secret for my 200th post then all you need to do is comment me and we can figure out the details. Enjoy!


  1. Great blog. Creative idea. :)

    Love ,

    Meg @ www.strawberriesandlace.blogspot.com

  2. I'll work on it this week and see if my friend's scanner is still working. I hope your day wasn't too bad. I'm frankly glad mine's over:) Enough said.

  3. You are so freaking talented it kills me. I'm not sure I could make a secret as cool, but I definitely wanna try! Count me in for the project! :)

  4. I really like your idea of getting people to do their own secrets :) I shall have a think and if I have enough time I will definately make something, I'm sure I will have some spare time over the weekend =)

  5. I wish I was a ballsy enough toddler to have a mohawk! Ginger mohawk...hmmm...



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