Thursday, 28 January 2010

The day of the pink wafer biscuits...

Here is my secret for Thursday (eek it is Thursday already, this week has gone so quickly). I created this AI by cutting up pictures from magazines and using some gold sequin letters to write out my message. I really love the colour combinations in this, for some reason it seems to evoke memories of holidays abroad when I was 12 - I love how certain sounds/smells/sights can bring you back to something that happened years ago. I think this has to be one of my favourite secrets - it also covers a very real issue I am struggling with at the moment. Thank you to everyone who has decided to get involved with my 200th secret post and create their own secret for me, still plenty of time if you also want to get involved - you have until friday of next week. Enjoy!


  1. Course I don't feel the cold - I'm Northern! Seriously, though, really didn't have a problem with the bare legs, although everyone else seemed to think I would... I'm 'ard, me. :)


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