Sunday, 3 January 2010

The day things changed...

This is my chosen postsecret from the selection today. The drawing is so beautiful and the message stood out to me as something I spend a lot of time considering. There are many people in my life who I love more than I could try to explain. More often than not I don't go around telling these people that I love them, it is an unspoken bond and I prefer it to stay that way. Is this something you can relate to too? I am not sure if it is just me and my emotionally stunted mind that refrains from telling people that I love them, but I would hate for the word to lose meaning. Let me know which postsecret is your favourite from today. Enjoy!


  1. Oh yeah, I totally get this, it would be awkward a lot of the time if I went around telling people how much I appreciate them. It gives the word a lot more meaning if you don't just chuck it around...

  2. This completely summarises everything that I think and feel - and I think about it a lot for a lot of people as well. This is the first postsecret that I have bothered to save on my laptop, I might look back at it from time to time. I wish I had created it physically myself, although it's been in my head for longer that I can remember.


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