Sunday, 31 January 2010

The day I booked them...

I cannot believe it is Sunday already, this weekend really has flown by. This AI was created by using a blue marker pen, some little bits cut out from a magazine and copper coloured glue. There is something about the combination of blues and copper that is just so beautiful. The background is actually a lot darker in reality but my scanner is a bit mental. As promised I have posted a photo of my fancy dress outfit (below) - unfortunately my friends have been rubbish and not put their pictures up on facebook yet. So in this photo you can't get the full effect of the costume (several pairs of socks sewn onto the front of my dress that looked rather questionable). Oh and if I look miserable it is probably because I look crazy when I smile. I will try and get a better photo that does the outfit justice at some point soon. Enjoy!

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