Friday, 8 January 2010

The day I worried...

So here is my secret for tomorrow, it was created by using some coloured paper and letter transfers - I hope you like it. I am not sure what I have planned for tomorrow, it is too snowy to go anywhere despite desperately wanting to go shopping. Even if I did venture out the house what is the likelihood that many shops will be open? My mum freaks out everytime I approach my car so it is probably safer for everyone if I am stay in - that does give me time to do some more sewing though. I don't have much time now before I go back to Oxford which is pretty scary. What do you have planned for tomorrow? snow permitting, of course. Enjoy!


  1. This one is so hopeful and lovely. I adore the colors. I have to work tomorrow, but I have the weekend off luckily:)

  2. The shops were okay in Ox... can't wait till everyone gets back, I'm so lonely here! :(


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