Monday, 21 December 2009

The day you did it again...

Here is my secret for today, I hope you like this one. I created it by using a variety of pens and some little sequin letters I purchased a while ago. You can't quite tell with this image but the letters are different colours too. I really love being at home but I miss my friends so much, even more because we live together in Oxford so I see them every day. I am going a little bit crazy readjusting to doing nothing at home after a hectic term and an even more hectic admissions period. I am sort of throwing all my energy into blogging and my secret project now which is a good thing. Let me know what you think and thank you for all the lovely comments about the flower secret, enjoy!


  1. This one made me smile, not entirely sure why. I think it's going to have to go on my favourites list...

  2. I know, the slowdown is so weird isn't it? Relax - you deserve it!


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