Tuesday, 8 December 2009

The day it didn't happen...

Here is my Sunday postsecret as promised a couple of days ago...I have not had a chance to do it, that is how busy I am. By not had a chance, I mean I haven't had a chance to do basic things like pluck my eyebrows or go out to buy new shampoo. Please don't think this is the lowest of my list of priorities, because it absolutely isn't, but I think basic human needs like washing dirty hair come first. I love the original postsecret that this message has been written over, a year ago when it was originally posted on Frank Warren's site I had it as my background for a week. I have always remebered it and when I saw it again it instantly gave me those similar feelings of complete happiness. If you go to www.postsecret.blogspot.com you can find a commented response from the person who created it, which is really nice to read. I hope someday to have as big an impact on someone with my secrets as this original secret had on one romantic individual, and also me. That is a pretty big dream, but hopefully it could happen. Enjoy!

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