Wednesday, 2 December 2009

The day I thought about the way you make me feel...

I made this when I went home so it feels a little bit weird seeing it now. I created this secret by using some gold leaf, an image from the newspaper and some sequin letters. It is late and I am going to go and have a bath and then tidy stuff up a little bit, sounds like fun right? My life is becoming very middle aged - often I would rather relax with a cup of tea than have a wild night out, but I guess that comes with having a crazy work load. The term is almost over, and I think it has probably been my worst term so far...but hopefully it will end on a high note with the interviews. They will undoubtedly be stressful but hopefully really rewarding too. I miss home so I am looking forward to that too...and Christmas! This bath won't run itself, enjoy!

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  1. Wish I had a bath! So so glad to be going home though, I am so tired! Hope the interviews are fun for you - wish I could stay.


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