Saturday, 5 December 2009

The day they arrived...

My secret for Saturday is being posted so early because tomorrow the admissions process begins. All the applicants are arriving and I am going to be working a 12 hour+ shift trying to get everything running okay - arghhh. This secret seems strangely appropriate considering I made it a week ago. It was made by using some coloured paper which I cut into little strips to create a sort of fringe effect and I then used some coloured pens to write the secret. My favourite strip is the middle one because it was cut out from the inside of an envelope and has tiny little numbers all over it, click to enlarge and you might be able to see them. I hope your Saturday is as stress free as possible, then some balance might be regained in the universe. For now, enjoy!


  1. I really love this :) and I was immediately drawn to like the middle the best, wonderful =)

  2. Relax! :) Term's all over and done with now... I hope you're feeling better!


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