Sunday, 13 December 2009

The day I remembered I am Welsh...

Here is my secret for today - a little bit late, I know. I really enjoyed making this secret, teeny tiny little things to stick down is right up my alley (which you can imagine I do quite a bit of). This secret is one I ponder over quite a bit - when and where I will meet the man I will end up marrying and having kids with. I probably think about it too much, but it is always there somewhere in my subconscious. I hopem you have had a nice day, and that you are close or getting closer to finding the one person that you are destined for. Enjoy!


  1. Great secret. :) I was the same way in college. For some reason I was obsessed with the thought. I used to observe every guy in my class and wonder: what if I'm meant to marry him?? LOL The last guy I did that is now my bf of three years.

  2. I am forever doing that, but now I've decided that if I think it then it won't happen. It is good to know it has worked out for you :)


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