Sunday, 27 September 2009

The day I forgot...

Okay, so here is my secret for tomorrow - I hope you like it. I am back to work tomorrow, hooray for another week of enrolling bitchy students. It is also a week and a bit until I head back to Oxford to spend a gruelling 8 weeks avoiding work as best as I can. This secret was created with the use of some scraps of fabrics, some green thread, a fineliner and my mother's sewing machine (shhh...don't tell her). Feel free to comment, I always take time out to read them and respond if I can - and it is lovely to hear from people. Until tomorrow, enjoy!


  1. I think this post should be called "The day I forgot to give my post a title." For shame.

    I like this secret, it reminds me of my own.

  2. I'm going back tomorrow - yay! Love this secret: sewing machines make me happy.


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