Wednesday, 9 September 2009

The day I hopefully recovered...

Here is my secret for today - I hope you like it. Sorry about the drunk post last seems to be recurrent problem (I honestly don't drink that often). My AI for today was made by layering acrylic paint onto a postcard sized piece of card. I mixed red, black, blue and yellow to create the background. I then used some letter stencils which I made (by laminating a sheet of letters and cutting then out with a craft knife) and some yellow paint to write the message across the layers already applied. I think the effect is really quite beautiful and also a little bit different from most of my secrets so far. Thank you for reading, enjoy!


  1. I really really like this one.

    Also i hope this isn't the one about me that you promised to make..

  2. They are all about you my love. Read the post below from our night out, I mentioned you.


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