Thursday, 24 September 2009

The day I went all LFW...

This is my secret for Friday. This was created by using some letter stencils that I made and some red, black, gold and grey pens. I also used some amazing gold letter stickers which I bought a while ago. I hope this really is a secret and not something people have been made aware of through my rubbish blog writing. Work tomorrow - but it means we are one day closer to the weekend. Have a nice day tomorrow, enjoy!


  1. Don't worry, your spelling on here is pretty immaculate. And you so know I would notice if it wasn't.

  2. When we get to Oxford I'll pidge you a secret! Love this one - but just so you know I'm a spelling Nazi and I haven't even noticed!

  3. Thank you for the comments! it is nice to hear from you all x


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