Thursday, 10 September 2009

The day I counted...

This is my secret for today, you will be sad to know that I have not yet recovered from death cold (as it shall be known from now on). I will be looking after kids soon and therefore hopefully not infecting them. My secret today was created by using an image from a magazine, a mixture of pens and a set of letter stencils. This is secret number 52 which is quite exciting! Well done to everyone who is sill checking in to read my posts. Enjoy!


  1. We are all unfulfilled expectations,
    Woven from half-baked plans,
    And ideals that were made to be broken.
    No one is good enough for themselves,
    But we'll make do until we die.

  2. It is a picture of some leaves and stuff reflected in a lake. It is pretty cool.


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