Tuesday, 1 September 2009

The day I had the most fantastic shower...

So, two very exciting things for you to have a look at today. The first of these is my secret - created by using some black card, beautiful wrapping paper (which you will no doubt be seeing more of at some point) that I cut up and a fineliner. There is something strangely magical about a birdhouse, well I think so anyway, and I have always always wanted one. The second of these two very exciting things is a picture of my new haircut. This is an opportunity for those who haven't seen it to appreciate the shortness and the fringey-ness of it. For those who don't know me it is a chance to put a face to a blogger. Either way I hope you like it - it is a bit of a drastic change for me (it still feels like a wig) and encouragement of the comment based variety would, as always, be much appreciated. Anyway boys and girls (and anyone in between), enjoy!


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