Sunday, 13 September 2009

The day I started my new job...

I know, I is very early, a day early BUT I start a new job tomorrow and I couldn't possibly make tens of thousands of people wait a whole 24 hours for the next installment of my life in secrets. It would mean you would only have a few hours to enjoy the secret, but more than that, it would be cruel. Anyway, this secret was created by using a shiny blue star sequin, a blue glitter pen and a blue fineliner. Here are the answers to my celebrity secret:

1) Cheryl Cole (nee Tweedy) - forehead
2) Helen Baxendale (of Cold Feet (and Friends) fame) - eyes
3) Jessica Taylor (of Liberty X fame) - nose
4) Emma Watson (the skanky bitch) - mouth
5) Jane Danson (of Coronation Street fame) - neck
6) Drew Barrymore (of crappy films fame) - forehead
7) Victoria Beckham (of Major fame) - eyes
8) Emma Watson - nose
9) Cheryl Cole - mouth
10) Keisha Buchanan (of Sugababes fame) - neck
11) Keisha Buchanan - forehead
12) Cheryl Cole - eyes
13) Helen Baxendale - nose
14) Jessica Taylor - mouth
15) Victoria Beckham - neck

Well done to those of you who guessed, and even better to those of you who guessed correctly. Have a nice day, enjoy!

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