Saturday, 12 September 2009

The day I cooked dinner...

So here is my secret for today. I will be attempting to cook a three course meal in a few hours (wish me luck). This AI began by me using a blue pencil to colour in the background. I then used a blue piece of foil (from a packet of soft mints - yes, I am that thrifty) which I cut out and glued down to the card. I used a craft knife to cut away the middle section which I then glued a scrap of white paper behind. The final flourish was to add the words which were written with blue fineliner. My scanner seems to have decided some pieces of foil should be darker than the others but they are all the same colour in reality - it must be the reflective quality of the material. I hope you like my secret. You have a whole day to take it in so as always, enjoy!

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