Wednesday, 30 September 2009

The day I had one week left...

Evening all - this is my secret for tomorrow, I hope you like it. I have to say (and not to blow my own trumpet but...) this has to be one of my favourite secrets so far. You should all know by now that I love, love, love gold leaf and the effect I have created here is probably my favourite thing to do with it. It is such a beautiful and delicate material to work with that you really need to pay attention to little details. So for this secrets I created a gold leaf background - using a glue stick and my finger to break it up (resulting in the speckled apperance). I then made some letter stencils using both Clemence (my laminator) and my craft knife. The stencils and some red acrylic paint were used to print the message of this secret across the background. Feel free to comment - it always makes my day that little bit better. Have a great day tomorrow and until my next post, enjoy!


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