Sunday, 13 September 2009

The day I cleaned the kitchen...

This is my chosen postsecret for this week - please go and check them out at Frank has done something quite exciting this week as he has included some of the very first secrets in his post. It is really interesting to see how the secrets have evolved over the years, as I am sure it will be interesting to see how my own style will change during the next year. This secret stood out to me more than any other this week. I post a secret everyday and sometimes it is difficult to accept ownership of something that is hard to admit. Some of the time getting it out there and telling people relieves some of the pressure, sometimes it can make things seem worse. I have chosen this secret because I think it is really important to remind myself that while this blog is about sharing secrets with the people close to me (and strangers too) it is also about being more honest with myself. I am hoping that staring at this secret everyday for the next week will force me to consider how I should go about changing the reality of some of my secrets. Lots of posts for you to get through today, I hope they are worth the reading time - oh, and remember to guess the celebrity. Anyway, I am off to eat chutney and be merry, enjoy!

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