Sunday, 27 September 2009

The day I slept forever...

I have chosen this secret as my background on my laptop for the week (this is both the front and the back of the same card). I often direct the message of my secrets towards one particular person - sometimes they are a reader of my blog and sometimes they are not. So the front of the card ('When you read this on postsecret...think of me') struck me as something that is behind almost every secret I create. The other side of this secret appealed to me because the relatability of secrets on is something that I have found surprising and exciting for a long while. I often make the message of my own secrets open so as other people can find their own meaning in them. I hope you have had as much fun as I have reading postsecret this week. For the rest of the weekend, enjoy!


  1. When I read postsecret I hear your voice reading them out.

  2. ... so I always think of you

  3. Do you secretly change the words as well?


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