Sunday, 13 September 2009

The day I went to a chutney party...

So here is my secret for today. I will be going to a very exciting chutney party tomorrow - yes, that is right...chutney. This secret was created by using some coloured paper, pictures from Closer magazine and a fineliner. I am also giving you the opportunity to guess the faces - just leave a comment below with your guess and the number of that bit of the face - 10+ points for any of them that you get right (you can enlarge the picture by clicking on it). Good luck! Oh and don't forget to, as always, enjoy!


  1. I swear to god i'm trying so hard but i suck so much at faces. Rihanna's forhead on the right? I honestly have no idea.

    Sorry =(

  2. Right my totally uneducated guess is...

    Number 4 is Emma Watson's mouth. Number 8 is her nose.

    Number 14 is that Jessica Taylor what was in Liberty X.

    And none of them are Katie Price.


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