Saturday, 6 March 2010

The day I cleaned my sink...

How is your weekend going so far? I have cleaned up my room a little bit and made a new secret for tomorrow. I created this AI by using some foam letters and a purple pen. Have a great evening, enjoy!


  1. My weekend has been good =)
    I haven't done much just enjoyed relaxing and I cleaned and tidied my flat so now it's the nicest it's been since I moved in!
    Hope you have a good sunday :)

  2. ARGH. You know my secret guy? He tried to kiss me last night. ARGHFGFGFGFGF and I had to not kiss him because he was drunk...

  3. It was after his Torpids dinner and we went to a geology friend's party and he literally went in for a kiss like five or six times. He's seeing someone and he was really drunk so I had to not do anything (SO MUCH SELF CONTROL) but I can wait - and the making a move shows he MUST think of me that way, otherwise he wouldn't have done at the stage of drunk that he was at. ARGNFNFNFNFNF SO EXCITING AND YET SO NOT FAIR...


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