Monday, 8 March 2010

The day I watched it fall...

This is my secret for Sunday, sorry it is late. I am not being very good at blogging really - distracted by work pressure and illness I suppose. There has also been a little bit of a scandal going on at my college, if you are from Oxford then you may have heard and if you live in England you might have seen it in the national papers. I hope your weekend was a little better than mine, enjoy!


  1. I'm a big follower of your blog but always a little too shy to make comment on your secrets, personal as they are. This one though, I really like. The colours are great, the message (plus random bits of half-remembered images) is poignant and.. do you know, I think it may be one of my favourite secrets of yours yet. Kudos.
    Hope your week is getting steadily better - not long till the end of term now. :)

  2. I love this one, especially how at first I though it looked like bars on a music system, then some kind of graph, then a cityscape...


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