Sunday, 21 March 2010

The day I checked them...

There were so many great secrets at this week - go and check them out for yourself. I chose this one as my favourite this week because it relates to how I have been feeling recently. I once read a secret which said 'The problem with my kind of loneliness is that other people don't seem to cure it' and this really could not be more true of my current situation. I am surrounded by people and yet I constantly have this sense of being alone. It is, however, not always a completely desperate and sad feeling. I love to be alone sometimes, to spend time by myself and reflect on everything. I suppose being alone can be both wonderful and painful, is it the same for you? Let me know which postsecret is your favorite this week, enjoy!


  1. I always feel slightly detached from those around me, even when I'm in the thick of it. It's not so bad, sometimes it's nice to be an observer. I feel like a spy sometimes.

  2. I think everyone is lonely to some extent, just not everyone admits it.


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