Wednesday, 24 March 2010

The day I went to Winchester...

This is my secret for Wednesday. I am going to Winchester today to see a really good friend and then meeting up with my cousin tomorrow for lunch. Unfortunately my trip to Amsterdam with my family has been cancelled because of the BA strikes - we are, however, going to go and stay in a hotel in Devon instead which should still be nice. I created this secret very simply by using a red pen. There are some secrets that don't need to be designed - this is one of them. I had actually planned to just have the whole secret written along the bottom, but when I wrote it out seeing the secret in front of me as a whole made me terribly sad. This, somehow, is easier for me to look at. Hope you have a great day, enjoy!

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  1. Oh but Amsterdam is so cool! Definitely go one day, it's one of my favourite cities (not even counting the 'coffee shops'!)


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