Sunday, 4 October 2009

The day I finished it...

Three postsecrets for you today - taken from The one I have chosen for my background on my laptop is the first one at the top. I often struggle with deciding who it is that I eventually want to become, I have quite fixed ideas about some aspects of my life and others I find it hard to make decisions about. I hope that looking at this secrets for a week will stop me from waiting for an epiphany and help me to become more active by making some positive changes. The second secret (in the middle) is one that applies very closely to my life and specifically in terms of my blog which is all about honesty. I have shown AmeliaIs to several members of my family - sometimes, but not always, eliciting the response I hoped for. The final secret here expresses something that we are all guilty of - even people who read AI ask me if certain secrets are about them. Anyway, more than enough from me today. Go and relax for what is left of the weekend, enjoy!

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