Thursday, 8 October 2009

The day I refreshed myself...

Here is my secret for tomorrow - as always, I hope you like it. There are so many exciting things I want to tell you all about. The most exciting of all being that on arrival at College I found a load of old post (some posted over a year ago) in my pidge - one of these envelopes contained a card sent for my 19th Birthday, this time last year, and a £10. My new found wealth and the discovery that Summertown is actually amazing has put me in a rather good mood. I am going to post some pictures of my new room in a few minutes...I plan to redecorate so I will post some after shots too. This secret was created by using some brown parcel paper, black acrylic paint, the plastic ends of cotton reels and a red fineliner. I think this effect works quite well, I hope you agree - oh, and I thought I would get your brain working my spreading out the words. Speak to you tomorrow, enjoy!

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