Friday, 16 October 2009

The day I fixed things...

Evening all - here is my secret for Saturday. Tonight I am going to a bonfire in a place called Port Meadow. I am so excited, although it sounds weird I think there is something really magical about a roaring fire. I spent ages making this secret and I am really pleased with the results - I hope you like it too. To create this secret I cut a postcard into teeny tiny little squares and glued them back into a different order. I then used some orange paper and a burnt orange fineliner to do the rest. I really love the bluey/grey colour and the orange together. Ten points if you can tell me what the picture was originally (it should be super easy). Have a fantastic friday evening - guest secret to follow (yay). Enjoy!


  1. I know!! It's Oxford :) taken from Blue Boar Hill fyi...


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