Tuesday, 13 October 2009

The day I needed caffeine...

A rather exciting post today - mostly based around the hand held sewing machine I was gifted by my friend Manasi. It will forever remain on my list of the most exciting things I own. I have taken a photo of it so you can all see how amazing it is - it has also been used as one of the main components of my secret for tomorrow. In conclusion, I love it. So, as a bit of an anticlimactic downturn in this post, this secret was created by using: my lovely hand held sewing machine (her name is Claudia), some left over material from covering my pin board and a white gel pen. Oh, and I drew the letters with my hands. I hope you like this secret, enjoy!


  1. omg the hand held sewing machine aka Claudia is so cool!
    wow you must have such a cool friend.
    is she a good cook?

  2. Hey - love your little sewing machine! So cute. Couple of things: I've got a secret to pidge you, so drop me an email on the email address on my blog with your full name if you'd like it!

    Also, I'd love to take part in your 100th post thing! Keep me ...posted... on what you'd like me to do and for when. :)


  3. Amazing - I thought you drew the letters with your foot.


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