Sunday, 25 October 2009

The day I cleaned my room...

Good morning. Here are my favourite secrets from today - Frank has also posted some secrets from the Sunday where he was unable to put them up. This first secret is about something which often crosses my mind. I have been looking after the same children since I was 13 and this summer I looked after them for the whole day a couple of times a week. We have seen each other grow up and I would love to come back in a few years when they are teenagers and see the kind of people they have become. The second secret is the one I have chosen as my background on my laptop, it is also something that I could really easily relate to. I love all the little quirky, weird and sometimes crazy things about my is what makes them great, and why I appreciate them so much. It also makes our friendship much easier, because I am far from perfect too. My parents will be arriving in about an hour so I have been rushing around making my room look presentable (i.e less studenty). I still cannot decide whether to go home for a bit...I am absolutely rubbish at making decisions so I guess I will just see how I feel. Go check out postsecret, and let me know which is your favourite secret from today. For now though, enjoy!


  1. I think my favourites from today would have to be the same ones that you picked. What I love the most however is the email right at the bottom of the secrets from April 13 2008 - about a wall of secrets that someone created in the girls' toilets of their school. Such a good idea. I wish my school had had one.

  2. Me too, maybe you should start one somewhere.


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