Tuesday, 23 February 2010

The day I went to see the doctor again...

This is my secret for today, I hope you like it. I created this AI by using the left over pipe cleaners from my caterpillar costume, a gold pen and some black card. I have had to come home again to see the doctor and will probably be staying another day because they want to do some blood tests. Luckily needles don't freak me out, although I have been told I can't give blood anymore as last time I both fainted and vomited in my college canteen - what a lovely story for you. They won't be taking very much of my blood anyway so I should be fine. How has your week been so far? Enjoy!


  1. I like this :)
    I hope you're ok! Fainting and throwing up does not sound like fun!
    Feel better soon =)

  2. I can't give blood till I'm older either, they literally could not find enough! They told me to wait five years, which kind of annoys me because I want to help...


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