Thursday, 18 February 2010

The day I attempted something...

So if you can't read this it says: 'I wish I didn't have so many secrets about you'. I created this AI by cutting shapes out of a black piece of card which I then coloured gold. I then glued sections of images from magazines to a piece of card underneath and used a white pen to write my secret. It seems strange now that a blog which is about speaking my secrets aloud has caused me to have new ones. I find it painful to look back at some of the secrets I have previously shared on here, because they either represent something which is no longer true to me or they represent something that is still true and hard to accept. Can you relate to this secret? Enjoy!


  1. I can relate to things being hard to accept - my life is like an episode of a soap right now! I wouldn't mind a little happy ending...


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