Friday, 12 February 2010

The day I went back to Esher...

I am going home today and once I get this essay out the way I will be able to fully relax. I cannot wait to see my cats, drive my car, sleep in my own bed and drink tea with my parents. I know that all sounds very mundane, and it probably is, but you don't realise how much you miss the little things until they are taken away. This is a beautiful guest secret created for me by Alice. This secret expresses something I am sure we are all guilty of from time to time - wishing we could have the carefree feelings of being a child again. Thank you for creating this secret and sharing it with us. I will probably posr my own secret much later on today when I have braved central London transport and managed to make it home safely. Have a great weekend, enjoy!


  1. I can definately relate to this one :)
    Enjoying the simple things in life is what makes life a happy one =)
    Have fun at home, hope you get there safe and have an awesome weekend =)

  2. Sure, being an adult is hard, but I don't miss my childhood at all. Apart from it being pretty tough, I love my life at the moment and wouldn't swap it for anything!


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