Tuesday, 17 November 2009

The day I was awarded...

I have been nominated for a blogger award by the lovely Kelley Anne from http://kaleidoscopicrefrains.blogspot.com/ - go and check out her blog, it is really cool. This is my first ever award and it is quite exciting, and a massive compliment, that someone has decided Amelia Is... is worth a mention: so thank you Kelley Anne.

As you already know a crazy amount of stuff about me I have decided to slightly manipulate the rules and instead list 10 interesting things about my blog:
1. I never imagined it would last this long.
2. I don't actually consider myself to be a person that has very many secrets, or a particularly
interesting life.
3. If someone had told me a year ago that I would be blogging I wouldn't have believed them.
4. I often post at midnight...because I can't wait.
5. I have never made a secret and then not uploaded it.
6. I have only ever deleted a post once...and I was very, very drunk (so don't ask me what it said, because I don't remember).
7. Receiving lovely comments cheers me up more than you probably realise.
8. All of my secrets are real ones, they all mean something to me, but some of them are no
longer true.
9. I hope to continue this for a whole year, maybe even longer...
10. I worry that I won't have enough secrets...or inspiration...or creativity.
I hope those little pieces of information, if not unknown, were at least interesting. The last thing I am meant to do as part of the award is to nominate 10 other blogs. I am pretty new to the whole blogging scene and so I don't actually know that many other bloggers/follow that many blogs. I would, however, quite like to nominate one blog in particular as a real favourite of mine. Granted I am a little bit biased because the blogger is my friend Anna, but I really love the concept behind it and I think it is a really lovely way of documenting a year of her life. So here is the link to her blog, go and take a look (it is very cool, I promise):
Secret and another birthday guest secret to follow, enjoy!

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