Sunday, 8 November 2009

The day I sorted it out...

Morning all. Isn't Sunday just a miserable day? not only is it raining outside but I know I have to get back to the serious stuff tomorrow. Anyway, this secret was chosen from the Sunday secrets on The top picture is the front of the secret and the second picture is the back of it. I particularly liked the message on the front of the secret because all too often I give up on things in my life that are hard or require too much effort. Hopefully looking at this secret all week on my laptop will encourage me to push harder to achieve things that aren't always easy. The back of the secret is something I am probably guilty of, particularly with AI. I have shown most of my friends my blog now, and they all seem to love it, but often I am concerned with whether strangers who stumble across it like it too. Maybe we are all guilty of worrying what others think, but maybe it should be those we care about. Enough from me, enjoy!


  1. Sometimes its hard not to think that way about one's blog...since it is so often strangers who chance upon them. I love the post secret you chose.

  2. I worry about strangers in a totally different way. I worry that because I know nothing about their lives, they could secretly be all alone and I just walked past without a word. It's why I always try and talk to people on the train and in queues. That's what this post made me think of before I saw your interpretation...

  3. That is one of the main things I like about postsecret (and AI) - that everybody can see a different meaning in the same secret. I didn't really learn that my interpretation of secrets mght be totally different to the creator's until I tarted making my own and hearing what people had to say about them.


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