Friday, 29 October 2010

The day I worried...

This is my latest secret, I hope you like it. This should probably be part of a pair with the leaf secret from a couple of days ago. There are some people you simply can't have in your life - because they are a destructive force or because they make you a destructive force in your own life. It doesn't mean that you don't care about the person, that you wouldn't do anything for them if they needed just can't have screwing you over again and again. This secret is my way of saying I care, just perhaps not enough to make it work. Can you relate to this? Enjoy!


  1. Lovely secret and I actually do understand what you mean in this post. There is an ex-boyfriend who for the past four years, I have tried to be friends with out of sympathy, but have come to realize he is just not good to have around. His self-destructive behavoir and negative energy is bringing me down at a time when I simply don't need the excess unhappiness...

    PS. Your kind words and support the past week mean the world to me. I'm glad we're friends!


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